Why CESAMES Academy ?


In an increasingly complex environment where the number of stakeholders on the same project is increasing, architectural methods become essential. They ensure the competitiveness of companies. At CESAMES, we have been working for more than 5 years to train and support teams of Industry, Services and Public Administration major accounts to help them design and develop their products better.

Enter the world of CESAMES Academy!

Number of people trained (Level 1 & Level 2)

CESAM certified

Your trainers? Senior Architects!

As former members of the operational teams, CESAMES Academy’s trainers have a real knowledge of the problem operational context of their clients. Their business and sectoral knowledge, combined with their architectural expertise, make our trainers and advisers efficient, relevant and adaptable for our clients.

CESAM Methodological Framework

Our intervention model is based on the CESAM method which is a system architecting & modelling framework that has been developed since 2010 by CESAM Community, through strong interaction with major industrial players. This framework is intended for system architects, engineers and designers and aims at helping them to better control the complex integrated systems they work on every day. CESAM is already used with major accounts. Over 3,000 people have already attended one of our CESAM courses in France and abroad.

Skills development program

CESAMES Academy offers a real multi-level skills development in order to meet expectations of its customers and at all levels of maturity of the public to be trained and supported. In the end of the training, trainees are awarded with a certificate. Our goal: get you up and running quickly! For this purpose, our training and coaching are carried out according to your projects so that theoretical and conceptual aspects passed on can be immediately and concretely implemented.