Certifying program


Discover the engineering and systems architecture skills development program. This program is based on the CESAM Pocket Guide and the “Systems Architect” and “Enterprise Architect” competency framework, recognized by the French State through the National Registry of Professional Certification (RNCP) and the European Union through the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The CESAM program gives access to 3 certification: CESAM Associate, CESAM Confirmed and CESAM Expert.

The Program?

It is a skills development program in Systems and Enterprise Architecture associated with a professional multilevel certification named CESAM: CESAMES Systems Architecting Method. The CESAM skills development program demonstrates the ability of a person to implement enterprise or systems architecture methods in specific contexts, with a CESAM / RNCP (National Registry of Professional Certification) certification being awarded.

Who is concerned?

CESAM skills development program is addressed to all systems architects, engineers, project managers, managers or directors who wish to better master the complex systems they work on every day. Through CESAM formal method, the knowledge and experience level in systems architecture of people can ba assessed regardless of their seniority and level in the company.

CESAM program: the maturity levels of certification

CESAM training programs

Introductory training

This training is designed to cover your management’s needs for awareness on architectural approach and to enable your architects to better understand all the issues and key architectural processes. At the end of the training, the participant has one month to take the online evaluation in order to obtain the CESAM Associate certification.

Advanced training

The advanced training allows trainees to work on a concrete project on which they work / will work in their company. Alternating theories, practical contributions and project coaching, the advanced training is a remarkable tool for you / your teams, to build skills as and when a project. Our advanced training can be carried out in the in-company format (approximately 12 to 18 months) and inter-company format (6 months).

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

A Validation of Acquired Experience mechanism is proposed by CESAMES for both “Enterprise Architect” and “Systems Architect” certifications. Any person who has at least 1 year of experience related to the certification, is eligible for VAE, regardless of age, nationality, status and level of education.