CESAMES assists key accounts and project teams in their organizational transformations.


“A transformation cannot be imposed, it requires the commitment of all!”


Our support will be a success and your transformation will be successful if we manage to mobilize the actors of the transformation. In other words, we are referring to those who have to change, but that we often lose along the way! The support provided by CESAMES is structured to enable each hierarchical level to be engaged, one by one, on the orientation, principles and methods of the transformation to be implemented.

Concretely, the transformation support for CESAMES relies on the following core principles:

We avoid a traditional approach, where internal or external experts define a corporate target – a “target business model” – that operational actors must then implement. This approach has no chance of leading to a major transformation.

• We ensure that the target business model will be conceived and operationally implemented by the people impacted by the transformation project. This requires a co-construction work with the operational actors so that they understand the logic of the new model and appropriate conclusions.

• We accompany and facilitate co-construction by helping key actors converge towards a shared vision of their target business model and by defining the action plan to concretely implement it.