Aeronautics & Defense

Aeronautics & Defense

Aeronautics and Defense are two advanced industries with very sophisticated know-how and long and complex production cycles. My team and I, assist you to face the new challenges of these sectors.

Loïc Le Sauce Business Unit Director - Aeronautics & Defense CESAMES

The challenges of the Aeronautics & Defense industries

  • Emergence of new markets, especially from emerging countries;
  • Need to diversify your export markets;
  • Emergence of new technologies (electrical chains, predictive maintenance…);
  • Evolution of aircraft architectures;
  • Significant increase in production rates;
  • Modernization of production tools;
  • Work that needs to be more and more integrated;
  • Need to innovate while maintaining product quality and competitive prices;
  • Request for manufacturing customized products, with controlled costs and risks;
  • Need to review family design techniques and product lines;
  • Need to design, produce, deploy and secure system of systems.

How can CESAMES support you?

• We help you to implement systems architecture approaches to better design your products and reduce their development costs;
• We implement collaborative engineering methods to help your teams to communicate better with each other and to enabled stakeholders of your projects to converge on a shared vision of their product;
• Our architects assist you to implement families and product lines.

The value created through our collaboration

• Your organization is more efficient and agile when dealing with changes in its environment;
• Your services and products gain in quality and meet the needs of your customers;
• You reduce the development costs and turnaround time of your complex products by implementing a systems architecture and / or family strategy / product line approach.

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