Mobility & Energy

Mobility & Energy

The development of the autonomous and connected vehicle leads the automotive industry to rethink the vehicle’s boundaries and its positioning in the ecosystem of mobility services. The energy sector must adapt to an ever more stringent and changing environment and regulations. My teams and I are here to support you on these new challenges.

Claire Dellatolas Business Unit Director - Mobility & Energy CESAMES

The challenges of the automotive sector

  • To develop the autonomous vehicle and master the associated security and regulatory issues;
  • To propose a connected vehicle “forever up-to-date”;
  • To develop an offer of mobility services adapted to each customer based on the connected vehicle;
  • To take advantage of digital technology in order to strengthen customer relationship and set up the factory of the future.

Trends in the energy market

  • Maintain control of major industrial projects;
  • Develop distribution and energy monitoring solutions;
  • Adapt to regulatory and environmental constraints.

How can CESAMES support you?

  • To support the implementation of systems architecture to capture the needs of your environment and provide the appropriate responses, secure the integration of your systems, innovate and reduce development costs;
  • To help organizations to scope their transformation in order to adapt to changing environments;
  • To support transformations by promoting stakeholders commitment and alignment on a targeted shared vision, the implementation of collaborative approaches to develop processes in a coordinated and co-construction way and the sharing between the various impacted businesses.

The value created through our collaboration

  • Solutions that meet the needs of your market;
  • Successful transformations implemented gradually with value-creating steps;
  • More efficient and agile organizations when facing environmental changes;
  • Reduced non-quality costs on large industrial projects.

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