Since 2011, CESAMES helps companies to secure their complex projects


CESAMES is a consulting firm specializing in mastering complex systems.

Our company is recognized as the reference in France and abroad. Our team is working to secure the success of complex projects, in the design and development phase, in more than 15 countries. We evolve in Industry, Services and Administration sectors. CESAMES puts at your disposal:

  • recognized methods of systems engineering and enterprise architecture,
  • combined with unique approaches of operational coaching and collaborative team committment.

Our expertise in both our customer business and the sectors, is unique on the market. Our consultants, all architects, work on highly complex and technical topics that you can not solve on your own.

Working with CESAMES means …

  • Making sure that your project delivers the expected value by meeting all needs in the best possible manner;
  • Promoting convergence of the main actors of your project towards the same target and a shared action plan;
  • Committing all the teams towards their target to facilitate the running of your project;
  • Achieving significant financial gain by reducing design errors in your projects and enabling you to get on the market quicker.




Many are asking, “What is a complex system?” It can be an industrial product, an organization or an information system. These are described to be “complex” when they are characterized by many stakeholders and needs to be covered, and a multitude of interconnected “components”. Design and development phases of these systems raise integration problems. For example, it is extremely difficult to make decisions quickly, to meet all needs, to bring stakeholders together for the same purpose and to meet deadlines. If you work on one of these systems, these topics should talk to you!

Daniel Krob 董事长兼首席执行官 - President & CEO