Nos formations courtes en Asie


“Obtain quick improvements of maturity for your teams involved in complex design & development projects or enterprise transformation projects.”


Who is concerned?

Our short training sessions specially address architects, engineers and project managers willing to understand the fundamentals of Enterprise or System Architecture and/or to get familiar

Why should you be trained?

These training sessions provide first a common language about Architecture. They also give you efficient techniques to use in your day-to-day activities to face complexity issues. To achieve that objective, our training sessions are always a combination of fundamentals presentations and immediate operational applications of these architectural techniques.



How is training organized?

Our training sessions can be organized either in intra-company (10 participants at least) or in inter-company modes. CESAMES proposes 1, 2 or 3 days-module according to your needs that always alternate between architecture fundamentals & associated collaborative exercises.

What certification is delivered?

Short training sessions can either be recognized internally by your company through a multiple-choice assessment proposed by CESAMES, or certified by an external body, such as INCOSE or TOGAF. CESAMES may prepare you to both types of certifications.


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Training session in Singapore (English Language)

Training session in Japan (English Language)