Training session in Singapore

Training session in Singapore

Leaders in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Duration : 2-day

One of the characteristics of systems of systems (SoS), which make their design and management complex, is “emergence”. An emergence issue is an unexpected or unintended behavior of a SoS, opposite to the one that was expected, that appears during its lifecycle. This especially concerns systems of systems composed of multiple large existing systems. It can be critical in cases where safety, for example, is threatened through unintended interactions among the functions provided by multiple constituent systems in a SoS.

A system approach is mandatory to master complex systems design, especially for systems of systems whose parts are interdependent! System approach redistributes the engineering effort towards early phases of a development project in order to anticipate design risks and avoid costly late changes.

Our Leader in Systems of Systems Design & Management Training provides a general overview of how a system approach can be used in the context of the design & development of systems of systems. It helps to prevent emergence issues!

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Program : 

Next Training Session:
  • February 26-27, 2018


Practical information:
  • Time: 8:30 to 17:00
  • Venue: Singapore (more details soon)
  • Cost per person: SGD 2000 including lunches and learning material
  • Number of trainees per session: 24 persons maximum
  • Your trainer: Daniel KROB, Institute Professor at Ecole Polytechnique (France), General co-chair CSD&M ASIA (Singapore) and INCOSE Fellow


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CESAMES number of training program provider is 11 75 46653 75