How to collaboratively define an AI platform with partners and align them on technical and scientific ambitions and program structure while ensuring a final formal agreement of each partners on resources and financial involvement ?


• Consulting: Scoping at platform and program level,
• Socio-dynamics: Alignment of each partner to converge on a common solution,
• Architecture: Design of consistent AI platform architecture.


Here are the 3 main phases that we followed:


Align whole partner on platform and program perimeter to clearly define all interactions,


Align whole partner on AI platform structure definition and prioritize development of functionalities according to Business value and R&D state of the art,


Align whole partner on program structure and governance in order to ensure regular deliveries and reorientations to continuously leverage value,


Align whole partner on a first scope of project that shall deliver value at short, mid and long term.


A global alignment of whole partners on an AI platform and on the associated program:

  • 14 industrial firms, governmental institutions and academical institutions aligned on product and program perimeter and structure,
  • 45 M€ allocated to the program through a dedicated financial and legal structure,
  • An agile governance to ensure leverage of deliveries value,
  • Premises of the consortium agreement to speed up program subsidizing.

“One of the things I like about the CESAMES methodology is that it allows people to converge on a common vision of the innovation to be developed. This vision gathers people from different organizations and industrial sectors. CESAMES methodology improves collective intelligence!”

Head of Valorization – IRT SystemX
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