A world leader in home automation connected solutions covering a wide range of products : shutter actuators, cameras, locks, … as well as cloud services, apps and data switches.

In Shutter Actuators : many different components doing ‘almost’ the same thing yet incompatible, 12 different S/W platforms managed in copy / modify.

Design costs and time to market are above competition given the low complexity of the products, the company is progressively loosing its leadership…


We are unable to predict our development TTM! We have up to 100% error

We remain leaders on a few number of historical products … but cannot catch up our competitors on new emerging markets

Too many platforms, incompatible … We are in a copy / modify logic that adds complexity and creates technical debt

Our development costs are way too high compared to the complexity of our products


The customer context led CESAMES to conduct a transformation that would work both at organizational level (processes, organization, KPI, …) and technical level (product line architecture & deployment on projects).

Here are the 4 main phases that we followed:


Conduction of a Business Transformation in order to install a Product Line governance in charge of common assets & architecture (shared by all projects) funding, and monitoring cross-business line efficiency,


Emergence of a new transverse organization & roles in charge of design, maintenance of shared building blocks, transverse to “historic” Business Lines, inducing deep impacts on applicative projects


Engagement of management in the definition of the new way of working by making them ambassadors in front of their teams. Demonstration of value on key projects


Deep “refoundation” of the configuration management, digital continuity & PLM


  • Reduction of average project effort by -42% on S/W Product Line … leader to a drastic increase in productivity!
  • Passing from 12 S/W incompatible platforms to 1 unified platform in less than 2 ½ year.
  • A management engaged and supporting the transformation.
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