A world-leader radio-telescope manufacturer has made a significant evolution from full-custom systems to product line over a range of systems to address export growth.

However, after 2 years the company is facing several issues:

  • Reuse benefits are not present
  • Product perimeter is unclear
  • Many on-site quality issues impairing business model

Here are the 3 main phases that we followed:


Identification of issue root cause : Sellers do not sell the product line. Implementation of a simple & trans-disciplinary feature model that models customer needs variability and allows to automatically configure product line assets :

  • H/W building blocks
  • S/W parameters
  • Documentation, contracts
  • Requirements docs
  • Test protocols, …


Feature model also provided a common language to drastically improve sales & engineering collaboration and align processes,


Implementation of a product line governance having authority over projects and engineering disciplines,


  • Drastic reduction of variant generation time from ~200 days to 4 days (-98% !) and associated engineering effort.
  • Eradication of on-site quality issues & improvement of reliability.
  • Less stress on critical resources.
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