A French global automotive supplier.


  • How to define objectives and performances that product shall reach?
  • How to define functions to cover needs and safety requirements and associated architecture?
  • How to define IVVQ (Integration, Verification, Validation, and Qualification) strategy?

The customer context led CESAMES to focus on 3 kinds of support: Architecture (definition of product structure to support maturity assessment and specify development plan), Socio-dynamics (on boarding of core team) and Consulting (recommendations for further improvements).

Here are the 3 main phases that we followed:


Macroscopically structured product at operational, functional, constructional level,


Perform analysis to assess product maturity regarding performances and architectural trade-off, safety, IVVQ strategy to support risks identification,


Define development plan to mitigate risk and increase product maturity.


A product macroscopically structured and assessed regarding its maturity in order to:

  • On-board whole project team to refine development plan;
  • Proactively support final-client maturity increase, by highlighting low maturity points and by providing several architectures to arbitrate and ensure added value orientation;
  • On-board maintenance and manufacturing team to ensure product feasibility towards those disciplines.
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