Aerospace OEM. A world leader in access to space.

How to identify new feasible ideas that allow company to remain competitive, even to become one step ahead, in a call for proposal?


The customer context led CESAMES to focus on 2 kinds of support:

  • Socio-dynamics: Creative & collaborative mindset generation, Cognitive science background to leverage workshop results.
  • Architecture: Alignment of design thinking workshop on product structure to improve valuable ideation process.

Here are the 3 main phases that we followed:

(for obvious privacy reasons we have blurred the graphics)


Define product structure and axis of performances to identify areas of lack of performance to structure workshop.


Coach core team for workshop animation and workshop members’ initial briefing & co-animate workshop to ensure collaborative intelligence approach to operate workshop and leverage added value of results.


Define development plan to macroscopically investigate ideated solutions and confirm their potential.


A collaborative & creative team mindset to ideate on a  product and improve its performance to remain competitive and solutions to be one step ahead:

  • 14 innovative concepts after workshop (7 at initiation);
  • 10 concepts shall be refined, including 5 that are highly promising;
  • Gap with competitor have been fulfilled before call was ended, and innovative solution allow to step ahead at the cost of an increase in business risks.
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