A world leader in propulsion.

Projects conducted in a far too sequential and siloed manner.

Strong and increasing safety constraints.

Engineering not challenged collectively: the large number of non-conformities and derogations shows a tendency to over-specify and to renew assumptions and solutions without challenge.

«All-or-nothing » engineering:

  • Difficulty in managing evolving and unclear needs to be refined
  • Current inability to freeze only the essential parameters according to the progress of the project

Symptoms :

  • Delays / successive modifications
  • Slowness of developments
  • Non-conformities / derogations
  • Less innovative solutions

Need to transform engineering and manufacturing “down to the part”. 


Support for framing, definition of target functions and pilot implementation projects.


  • Planning: -20 to 30% measured in the preliminary and conceptual design phases
  • Cost: up to 70% off design costs!
  • -52% between launch and PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
  • -70% between PDR and CDR (Conceptual Design Review)
  • Strong decrease of reserves / recommendations impacting on milestone crossings
Recommandations PDR CDR
Critical 1 ↘️ 0
Major 19 ↘️ 6
Minor 19 ↗️ 23
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A world leader in propulsion. Projects conducted in a far too sequential and...
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