This client is a Chinese aeronautics major actor. The difficulties faced by the client are described by questions as below:

  • How to design a product that reaches performance and costs targets?
  • How to define a product that can address several markets?
  • How to ensure to identify all the functions to cover needs and safety requirements and build the associated architecture?

The customer context led CESAMES to focus on 2 kinds of support: Training courses (definition of the architecture key concepts and the description of the architecting process steps & deliverables) and Architecture case counseling (online live sessions to provide guidance & converge towards architecture maturity).

Here are the 2 kinds of contents built and provided by CESAMES’s architects:
(for obvious privacy reasons we have blurred the graphics)


MBSE Method Training by visio (videos and Q&A live exchanges) and supports PDF in English and Chinese.

MBSE Method Training


Architecture Case Coaching by live sessions (online for this mission) to provide guidance & converge towards architecture maturity.

2. Architecture Case Coaching


A product macroscopically structured and assessed with CESAMES’s assistance regarding its maturity allowed:

  • Have defined precisely the performances of the target system;
  • Have identified the internal and external interfaces and their constraints on the system design;
  • Have succeeded a blueprint design for future reuse when environment constraints and needs changes through time.

Q1: Your personal experience where systems architecture could have avoided an issue?
R1: The MBSE helped to define MVP (minimum valuable product): The product prototype implemented the main functions that allowed the most valuable use cases for the MVP.

Q2: What are in your opinion the key methods that were the most useful (valuable during the design process)?
R2: The interaction diagrams were very useful. It helped to express the interaction outside the system as well as the interaction inside the system.

Q3: What did you like about this MBSE with CESAM Training & Coaching?
R3: The training was realized in details on MBSE, good for any newcomer in the subject,

  1. At all stages, the hierarchy chart is frequently sorted out, such as the stakeholders’ hierarchy chart and the functional decomposition hierarchy, which made it easier for the team to understand the architecture and to design it from simple to complex.
  2. The method decomposition was more logical and the content format allowed to use it later. For example, when writing needs, the format of needs included the life cycle, which was then used when sorting out the life cycle.
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