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Systems Engineering and Architecture

CESAMES implements engineering and systems architecture skills as well as business transformation

The major cornerstone that structures and ensures substantive consistency of all of our services is the CESAM methodological architecture and engineering framework. CESAMES consultant-architects apply engineering and system architecture skills as well as business architecture and transformation which are based on this methodological framework. Our intervention models make it possible, in addition, to structure, make reproducible and manage in configuration and improvement the form and manner of intervention with which we organize our missions.

In addition, CESAMES implements a product policy that monitors all of our markets and proposes adaptations of our intervention models and methods in order to always be at the forefront of our markets.


CESAMES combines 3 keys to success: a proven methodology, a resolutely collaborative approach and operational experts!

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A proven methodology

The one and only systems architecture and engineering methodology that explains how to do (vs what to do) and provides pragmatic solutions

  • Inherited from the “Complex systems engineering” chair of the French Polytechnique School
  • Whose fundamental principles are based on the systems engineering frameworks of NASA and INCOSE
  • Approved by the main players in French industry
  • Scalable and adapted to major trends: agile@scale, product lines
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A collaborative approach

Our consulting missions are based on collaboration, recommend solutions built with our clients and challenged by operational teams

  • We align the implementation of the method with the client’s project and schedule
  • We offer companies individualized support for problem solving
  • We run on-site and online training (thanks to an innovative and award-winning digital platform)
  • We lead a global community of systems architects through the CESAM Community
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Operational experts

Our seasoned consultants have a solid academic background and significant operational experience in industrial or service sectors

  • Our recommendations are based on experience
  • Our systems architects have over 500 years of cumulative experience
  • They are constantly trained in the latest methods (confirmed CESAM, SAFe for architects, etc.)
  • Our CEO is one of the 70 global INCOSE experts
  • Excellence is rooted in our name

Our methodological framework of architecture and engineering CESAM

The CESAM framework for the architecture of complex systems “CESAMES Systems Architecting Method” (CESAM) is a framework for the architecture and modeling of systems, developed since 2003 in close interaction with major industrial players. This framework, intended for system architects, engineers and designers, aims to help them better master the complex integrated systems on which they work on a daily basis. CESAMES uses this framework and the related tools to structure and ensure consistency in the substance of all of its services. This architectural framework, which can be used by all members of the CESAM community, is developed through the animation of CESAMES in community mode and is also enriched each year by contributions. Finally, it should be noted that mastering the socio-technical dimension of system projects, i.e. the relationship between project and product systems, is one of the strengths of the CESAMES approach.

CESAM framework
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