2023 Training sessions conditions and calendar

We organize inter-company classroom training sessions (in Paris) and remote training sessions according to modalities described later in the document. Any participant can attend a classroom training session remotely if needed. If not otherwise indicated inter-company training sessions are in French. Nonetheless any of the trainings proposed in this catalog can be given in English.

Participants can only access a training session once registration administrative formalities are completed, according to the following calendar.

Certifying trainings
CESAM Associate
→ Systems Architecture – The Fundamentals (3 days):
20-22th of March | 19-21th of June | 20-22th of November |
Digital collaborative training session (English): 3, 6, 8 et 10th of February
→ Enterprise Architecture – The Fundamentals (3 days):
3-5th of April | 16-18th of October


Product Line Training
→ Product Line Architecture (2 days):
11-12th of May | 3-4th of July | 5-6th of December 

Contact us to ask your questions or to register:
  • By e-mail or by phone, indicating the session(s) you are interested in.
  • You will then receive your quotation by email.
  • After validation of the prerequisites and the suitability of the training to your needs, you will receive confirmation of your booking by e-mail.
  • The agreement will be sent to your company’s HR department for signature and you will then receive your invitation by e-mail.
  • Registration can be made up to 3 weeks before the training date, subject to availability.
  • Email:
  • Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 15 54 27
  • Accessibility & handicap referent: Sevag Ainejian
  • CESAMES is a registered and accredited training provider – n°11 75 46653 75