Enterprise Architecture: The Fundamentals

Certifying Training

Enterprise Architecture: The Fundamentals   (3 days)

The enterprise architecture is a systemic analysis approach and an international methodological standard of integrated business & IT design. The implementation of this approach helps to master the complexity of organizations and information systems to improve their efficiency and performance.

Training objectives:

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the systemic paradigm on which enterprise architecture is based;
  • Introduce the great architectural views that describe a business;
  • Present the major enterprise architecture processes that structure the business architect’s profession;
  • Introduce architectural modeling languages (BPMN & UML) that implement the enterprise architecture approach;
  • Understand how the enterprise architecture approach can be used in practice in a business environment.

Who should attend? Enterprise architects, functional architects, data architects, urbanists, system architects, senior engineers, senior designers, program managers and directors, project managers,

Prerequisite: Have at least 3 years of experience in the field of design and management of organizations and information systems.

Methods used & agenda: We dedicate a large part of our modules to conversing and practice to facilitate learning. During these 3 days you will immediately put into practice the architectural processes and tools on a simple enterprise, collectively chosen. Relationships between enterprise architecture and agile methods are highlighted along the training.


Day 1
1. The fundamentals of enterprise architecture
1.1. Concepts 
1.2. Environment analysis
1.3. Exercise: Environment analysis

2.Needs and Requirements Engineering
2.1. Needs 
2.2. Exercise: Needs
2.3. Requirements

Day 2
3. Business Architecture
3.1. Motivation
3.2. External Services
3.3. Internal Processes
3.4. Business Organization
3.5. Exercise: Business architecture

4. Solution Architecture
4.1. Motivation
4.2. Solution functionalities
4.3. Solution components
4.4 Exercise: Solution Architecture

5. Architecture patterns

Day 3
6. Collaboration
6.1. Influencing techniques
6.2. Collaborative Workshop

7. Collaboration
7.1. Roadmap
7.2. Exercise: Roadmap
7.3. Project Systems Architecture


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Format: Inter-company or intra-company

Where? For classroom trainings: CESAMES Academy (Paris)

Duration21 hours (3 days) – 9h00-12h30 / 13h30-17h00

Supports: Pdf version is sent by email before the training

Trainer: CESAMES senior architect

— Inter-company: 3.000 euros excl. taxes/pers. (Including lunch & snacks)
— Intra-company: Upon request

Evaluation & certification: “CESAM Associate” – 30 correct answers to an online multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) comprising 40 random questions.
Certification price:  200€ including VAT.

Follow-up: Attendance sheet signed by the trainees and the trainer each half-day and proof of attendance

Evaluation of satisfaction: Feedback forms completed by each trainee

Contact us
— +33 (0) 1 40 15 54 27

CESAMES is a registered and accredited training provider – n°11 75 46653 75.