System Architecture: The Fundamentals

Certifying Training

System Architecture: The Fundamentals  (3 days)

Mastering the complexity of the industrial systems and projects you work on within your industrial organizations is increasingly difficult. The insufficient maturity of the integration processes of these complex industrial systems, the operation in silos and the difficulty in correctly capturing the needs of your internal or external customers are often the cause of these problems.

We offer you an introduction to systemic modeling and collaborative dynamics to help you better control the costs, quality and performance of the complex industrial systems you design and/or manage.

Training objectives:
At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand how model-based systems engineering can help any system designer to better connect key stakeholders needs to design choices
  • Understand the main principles of systems analysis in order to implement a system architecture approach within your organization
  • Understand what a need and a requirement are
  • Understand the three system architecture views used to describe any complex system
  • Architect the environment and the needs of your system
  • Architect the functions, components and requirements of your system

Who should attend? Engineers, architects, project managers, managers or directors, designers, IVV managers or anyone involved in the design or management of product systems or complex projects.

Prerequisite: Have at least 3 years of experience in the field of design and management of complex industrial systems.

Methods used & agenda: We dedicate a large part of our modules to conversing and practice to facilitate learning. During these 3 days you will immediately put into practice the architectural processes and tools on a simple industrial system, collectively chosen.


Day 1
1. System architecture fundamentals
1.1. System architecture motivation
1.2. System architecture framework
1.3. Stakeholder analysis
1.4. Exercise: Stakeholder analysis

2. Operational architecture
2.1. Needs architecture 
2.2. Exercise: Needs architecture

Day 2
2.3. Lifecycle
2.4. Use cases
2.5. Exercise: Lifecycle & use cases

3. Functional architecture
3.1. Functions & function interactions
3.2. Functional modes
3.3. Exercise: Functional interactions
3.4. Functional requirement architecture

Day 3
4. Constructional architecture
4.1. Components & constructional interactions
4.2. Exercise: Constructional architecture
4.3. Prioritization & trade-off analyses
4.4. Constructional requirements architecture
4.5. Requirement traceability
4.6. Exercise: Requirement traceability

5. Advanced topics
5.1. Verification & validation
5.2. Collaborative architecture
5.3. Collaborative exercise

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Format: Inter-company or intra-company

Where? For classroom trainings: CESAMES Academy (Paris)

Duration21 hours (3 days) – 9h00-12h30 / 13h30-17h00

Supports: Pdf version is sent by email before the training

Trainer: CESAMES senior architect

— Inter-company: 3.000 euros excl. taxes/pers. (Including lunch & snacks)
— Intra-company: Upon request

Evaluation & certification : “CESAM Associate” – 30 correct answers to an online multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) comprising 40 random questions.
Certification price: 200€ including VAT.

Follow-up: Attendance sheet signed by the trainees and the trainer each half-day and proof of attendance

Evaluation of satisfaction : Feedback forms completed by each trainee.

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CESAMES is a registered and accredited training provider – n°11 75 46653 75.