Introduction to Systems Architecture e-learning

100% digital awareness training
System architecture: the fundamentals

How to use Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to design a complex system?

The objective of this training is to give you the keys and the methodology to design better products by reducing design times and costs.


Mastering the complexity of the industrial systems and projects you work on within your industrial organizations is increasingly difficult. The insufficient maturity of the integration processes of these complex industrial systems and the operation in silos are often the cause of these problems, the difficulty in correctly capturing the needs of your internal or external customers as well.

We offer you an introduction to systemic modeling and collaborative dynamics to help you better control the costs, quality and performance of the complex industrial systems you design and/or manage.

Who should attend?

You are engineers, project managers, managers or directors, and you are involved in the design or management of product systems or complex projects.

Training objectives

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand how model-based systems engineering can help any system designer to better connect key stakeholders needs to design choices
  • Introduce the three systems architectural views that are used to describe any system
  • Understand how systems architecture can be a framework for some advanced analyses (V&V, impact, trade-off, …) and for collaborative project development
  • Promote a standard vocabulary & process for deployment of model-based systems architecture

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100% digital: Consult the e-learning modules independently.

Duration: The training lasts 4 hours or 12 e-learning modules of 30 minutes each.

Prerequisites: Have at least 3 years of experience in the field of design and management of complex industrial systems.

Cost: The cost of the training is 600€ VAT included

Language: English.

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CESAMES is a training provider registered under the number 11 75 46653 75.

An interactive course of 12 e-learning modules

The theoretical content of this training consists of 12 e-learning modules of 30 minutes each. The course of the e-learning modules, carried out on the online collaborative tool Klaxoon to promote interactivity, is organized according to the logic of the CESAM architecture reference system (CESAMES Systems Architecture Method).

Organization of e-learning

Each e-learning module is structured in 4 parts including:

  1. an “introduction” which presents the vocabulary definitions and the diagrams to be built (what is a use case, what is a functional mode, etc.).
  2. a “concept analysis” sequence which presents the methodology that will be applied for a given analysis as well as the associated diagrams (such as the “life cycle diagram” or the “functional interaction diagram”).
  3. a “summary of key points” sequence which is a summary page of the definitions: this summary can be downloaded as well as the associated model diagram, under Microsoft Office.
  4. a “quiz” with generally 4 questions to confirm that you have understood the concepts presented.
Screenshots of an e-learning sequence


This training is part of the CESAM skills development course and allows you to pass the CESAM Associate level 1 certification. The issuance of the certification is conditional on obtaining 30 correct answers to an online multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) comprising 40 random questions on system architecture topics. At the end of the course, participants can take the certification test (see assessment and certification procedures on the right) and thus join a community of more than 8,000 people.

Test and try offering

Wondering if this online training really fits your needs and expectations?

We offer you the possibility of individual access to the first 3 modules. Each module is made up of 3 lessons and ends with a fun quiz to test your knowledge. Then you have the option to buy (or not) the rest of the training (9 eLearning sessions) in one package.

1.1 Systems architecture motivation

The objective is to provide you a general overview of Systems Architecture fundamentals and key system engineering processes.

1.2 Systems architecture framework

The objectives of this eLearning are to manipulate definitions and understand 3 points of view to analyze a system.

1.3 Stakeholder analysis

The objective of this eLearning is to become familiar with the different steps of the stakeholder analysis.

elearning 4 to 12 sessions
— 9 eLearning sessions

1.4. Needs architecture
2.1. Lifecycle analysis
2.2. Use case and operational scenario analysis
2.3. Functions & functional interactions analysis
2.4. Functional Modes analysis and Functional Requirements Architecture
3.1. Components & constructional interaction analysis
3.2. Constructional Requirements Architecture
3.3. Cross-analyses and trade-off analysis
3.4 .Verification & Validation activities