Towards true Agile Enterprise Architecture: Evolution or Revolution?

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Ce webinaire est présenté en anglais.

These days, being Agile seems to be the norm, the new black. Every company, every major program or project has to be agile. It has become a matter of survival. And yet, it feels like there are many architects stranded on an island, either oblivious or hoping to avoid this huge tidal wave. How did they get there ?

And most importantly, what is the role and the place of Architects in Agile organizations ?

In this webinar, Sylvain Benoist, Senior Architect at Cesames, will present the Cesames Agile Architecture Manifesto and how Enterprise Architecture methods, practices and most importantly mindsets have to evolve to bring sustainable value to their organizations.

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Sylvain Benoist
Sylvain Benoist
Senior Architect

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