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Ce webinaire est présenté en anglais.

While implementing a product line approach, the challenge that faced SOMFY engineering team was the appropriate choice of the tooled method to be used.
This choice was guided by corporate considerations, instantiation to the specific issues and needs of the SOMFY product line approach and of course, by the maturity of the available tools.

Based upon their previous operational experience acquired in a large company and a decision-making process defining the key success factors, the systems engineering team decided to develop the SomfY System Tools Methodology (SYSTM): approach based upon CESAMES Systems Architecting Method combined with the Enterprise Architect tool.

During this 30min webinar, Thibaut Desbrugeres and Stephane Bigonneau, both Sytems Architects at SOMFY, will share:

  • the key success factors of their project in a mid-cap company
  • the benefits of their ready-made tooled method approach
  • a demo of the customized Enterprise Architect tool

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Intervenants :

Architecte système principal des solutions connectées chez Somfy
Stephane Bigonneau
Architecte système principal des solutions connectées chez Somfy

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