MBSE’s contribution to complex system environments

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The Air Traffic Management ecosystem is one of the most complex System of System.
Based on feedbacks from an experienced consultant in the field, we will see in this webinar how complex an ATM is and how great an MBSE approach can bring tools and methods to tackle this complexity.Join us for this webinar and learn about:Setting the scene : What is a complex SoS?Example of the European ATM
  • ATM complexity
  • SESAR Program and its complexity
MBSE solutions to some SE issue examples Coordination
  • System Integration
  • Model based SE

Webinar hosted by Abdelnacer AIT EL BACHA, ZANA Consulting.

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Intervenant :

Abdelnacer AIT EL BACHA
Abdelnacer AIT EL BACHA
Consultant Manager ZANA Consulting

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