Our use cases


Define a product design in regards of the management and market constraints
This client is a Chinese aeronautics major actor. The difficulties faced by the client are described by questions as below: How to design a product that reaches performance and costs targets? How to define a product that can address several...
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Transformation towards systems engineering
A world leader in propulsion. Projects conducted in a far too sequential and siloed manner. Strong and increasing safety constraints. Engineering not challenged collectively: the large number of non-conformities and derogations shows a tendency to over-specify and to renew assumptions...
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Aircraft manufacturing costs optimization
A European multinational aerospace corporation which manufactures aircraft. High level of customization of the product (a major structural assembly), each one being optimized for its specific environment (specific loads). High impact of this variability, yet little awareness of the inefficiency...
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How to speed-up and improve development of an innovative mechanical part?
How to design and industrialize a mechanical part, while improving performances, reducing planning, increasing technological maturity from TRL 3 to 6? Here are the 3 main phases that we followed: 1. Define product structure and performances to identify KDD and...
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“Ideate” to identify new opportunities for product to step ahead
How to identify new feasible ideas that allow a aerospace company to remain competitive, even to become one step ahead, in a call for proposal? Here are the 3 main phases that we followed: 1. Define product structure and axis...
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