How to quickly assess product maturity and leverage its development plan?
A French global automotive supplier. Needs: How to define objectives and performances that product shall reach? How to define functions to cover needs and safety requirements and associated architecture? How to define IVVQ (Integration, Verification, Validation, and Qualification) strategy? The...
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How to succeed in setting up an innovative & complex multi-partners program?
How to collaboratively define an AI platform with partners and align them on technical and scientific ambitions and program structure while ensuring a final formal agreement of each partners on resources and financial involvement ? • Consulting: Scoping at platform...
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How to speed-up and improve development of an innovative mechanical part?
How to design and industrialize a mechanical part, while improving performances, reducing planning, increasing technological maturity from TRL 3 to 6? Here are the 3 main phases that we followed: 1. Define product structure and performances to identify KDD and...
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