How to valuably “ideate” to identify new opportunities for product to step ahead?
Aerospace OEM. A world leader in access to space. Needs: How to identify new feasible ideas that allow company to remain competitive, even to become one step ahead, in a call for proposal? The customer context led CESAMES to focus...
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S/W Product Line: Mission Preparation Systems
An international leader in the aerospace / defense industry. Project based on cartography for military usage.  A vast variety of applications: mission preparation, mission operation, with little reuse from project to project. A strong need to slash down NRC (Non-Recurring...
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Radio-telescope product line automated sales configurator
A world-leader radio-telescope manufacturer has made a significant evolution from full-custom systems to product line over a range of systems to address export growth. However, after 2 years the company is facing several issues: Reuse benefits are not present Product...
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