CESAMES Academy: Learn from the bests

With 9,250 engineers trained, CESAMES is one of the main global players in engineering and systems architecture training.

CESAMES training courses teach you to master the complexity of your projects during the design and development phase. Our goal: get you up and running quickly! Through a complete offer of introductory, in-depth and specialization training, which is part of a certification course of skills development, CESAMES Academy is your best ally for developing your knowledge and your systems expertise!

100% Pragmatic and efficient training

The creator of the CESAM method (CESAM methodological architecture and engineering framework), Daniel Krob, is a world-renowned expert. He is notably the only French to be distinguished INCOSE Fellow. After 10 years of existence, CESAMES has become the main global player in training and certification in engineering and systems architecture: already more than 9,250 engineers trained and certified!

A key point of this success is that our trainings are never theoretical but focus on practice. For example, the central training of our system is action-based training often combining 10 full days of training and between 8 to 16 coaching sessions for each trainee on his current project. In the end, the validation of his training is judged concretely on his contribution to his project.

Skills development roadmap

CESAMES, through CESAMES Academy, has built a real system skills development path, from junior to senior level, for your teams or yourself. CESAMES Academy offers you short or long training courses, introductory, deepening and specialization modules, in English and French. All our training courses are led by experienced architects, who have business and sector knowledge combined with CESAM methodological expertise.

The two types of training offered by the Academy:
— Short training courses of 1 to 3 days designed to cover the needs of your management to raise awareness of the architectural approach and to allow your architects to better understand all the issues and key architectural processes.
Training-actions to increase the architectural maturity of your senior employees through in-depth and long-term appropriation of architectural methods and techniques. These long training courses make it possible to obtain, in particular, a professional certification issued by CESAMES.

All of these training courses give access to a certification that is a benchmark



The key to a successful organizational transformation is the ability to mobilize the actors of this transformation. The support provided by CESAMES is structured to allow each hierarchical level to be engaged, one by one, on the direction, principles and modalities of the transformation to be implemented.

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By delegating your system architecture to CESAMES, you strengthen your project team with a dual operational and methodological expertise. Your team is made up of an immediately productive expert while benefiting from the model-based system architecture approach, the result of years of experimentation by major industrial players: the CESAM method.

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Supporting you to maximize your ability to succeed in your project. Project coaching alternates flexible half-day work & coaching sessions. This device makes it possible to help a project team, or an individual to put together an Enterprise Architecture or System Architecture file in order to succeed in the design and development phase of a complex industrial product or of a transformation of organization.

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